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Dear Parents and Visitors,


Welcome to our website and I hope it gives a positive flavour of our wonderful school. I am incredibly proud to be the Head Teacher at St James Church of England Academy and your partnership with us is the key to ensuring that we achieve the very best for every child that spends any time at our school.


Being part of a very special group of schools that belong to the Church of England means that our school is part of a family that works together to ensure that the learning we provide has Christian values at its heart and this ensures that mutual respect is given and received by everyone that is associated with the school.


Our school is a happy and vibrant school where we, with your support, aim to provide an excellent education for all pupils living in our community. We have a friendly, committed and caring staff, all of whom endeavour to provide the finest educational experiences and a wide range of exciting opportunities to every single child at our school.


Our Vision Statement: -


"Here at St James, we believe that ‘everyone is loved, this will allow all to flourish and unlock their potential promoting joy in lifelong learning. We will use our faith, Gods words and the light he gives to support this." the fundamental way in which we live our lives daily. This statement has become our mantra over the past couple of years and it began with the Governors and staff and then was taken to the main beneficiaries the children. The Worship Council completed the wording by finding Bible quotes that they felt guided us all to understand the words. As part of our constant revisiting of our statement I was discussing the words with a class of children and one young girl said, ‘it’s not the words it’s how we are made to feel, people are all kind here at school and we all try and help each other.” I can honestly say that it gave me the warmest of feelings and a sense that we are what we aim to be.


St James is an academy and enjoys the benefits of being part of the Diocese of Coventry MAT. We work collaboratively with other schools within the trust, as well as those who are part of the local learning consortium. We are able to share best practise and support each other, as well as retaining our autonomy.


Our holistic and well-rounded approach towards education provides an exceptional foundation for life-long learning and we ensure that each child has the opportunity to grow in self–confidence and academic success. We provide a broad range of experiences and opportunities for our children and we aim to invite parents in each term as part of the curriculum enrichment mornings so the children can share their learning with you. We are very fortunate that we have an active Governing Body that ensures that the school is offering the best for every child. Children leave our school broadly in line with national expectations for reading, writing and maths


If there is any further information you would like that is not on our website, please contact the school and we will be happy to answer your query or arrange a visit if you would like to find out more about us.


Jane Cook