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Mathematics Curriculum Statement

At St. James we strongly believe that mathematics is a key aspect to daily life and is an imperative skill for many aspects of life and into the future world of work. We teach mathematics in a way that builds determination and perseverance as problem solving is an integral part of each lesson. Every child is able to achieve during each maths lesson, as we believe that through creative teaching we can unlock a child’s true potential.

Our aim is to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving, which are all key elements of the National Curriculum.  During each lesson children explore and unpick methods of solving problems, where the focus is on the explanation rather than just the answer. A range of physical resources or ‘manipulatives’, are available for the children to use to aid their learning, they are encouraged to show their working out through pictures, a bar and traditional style calculations.

Our use of the mastery approach enables all children to apply their mathematical ability to understanding creatively and flexibility in unfamiliar situations.

Throughout the year at St James we focus on the importance of speed and accuracy of calculations in particular times tables. We use games; songs and counting out loud to develop the children’s times table knowledge.

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