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Physical Education

Physical Education Intent

Our aim is to further develop, embed and sustain the 5 key indicators for PE and School Sport across the whole school. We endeavour to provide a bespoke PE curriculum that is broad and balanced in activity and opportunities, which is complimented by an extracurricular School Sports program.


We intend to engage all pupils in regular physical activity. To raise the profile of PE/Sport across the school as a tool for whole school improvement. With access to a CPD mentoring scheme, our staff will have a notable increased confidence, knowledge and skills to teaching high quality PE lessons. We will provide a broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all. We aim to continue the increased participation rates in competitive sports.


Through high quality teaching, guidance, mentoring and leadership of PE and School Sport we will provide every pupil the opportunities to develop their fitness, leadership, mental health and wellbeing, and to raise future aspirations. We believe that Physical Education is vital to ones’ health and well-being including both pupils and staff. Pupils will be able to develop their technique, tactical awareness, teamwork skills, communication, confidence and awareness of the positive impact on their health and mind.

Our principal aim is to develop the pupils knowledge, skills and understanding and we do this through a mixture of whole class teaching of PE activities such as Athletics, Gymnastics, Dance, a range of Games, as well as introducing new sports such as fitness activities, multi skills, yoga and tag rugby.

The PE Curriculum provides challenge, an all-inclusive climate, access to a range of sports activities, what the pupils need to know and the steps to reach their end points in performance. There is and offer to all pupils to participate in School Sports Clubs, whereby pupils can further develop their knowledge and understanding, technique, confidence and love for competitive sport.



We aim to ensure each child will:

· Have access to high quality teaching and learning practices.

· Learn in a positive and safe environment.

· Be educated on the long-term health benefits of physical activity.

· Learn positive feedback around sport and fitness participation.

· Meet their own individual needs.

· Understand on how to improve technique and practical performances.

· Have access to a diverse range of sports activities.

· Be supported by positive and professional role models, teachers and coaches.

· Learn about the importance of exercise on the body and mind through PE and Science.

· Be involved in an all-inclusive environment.

· Recognise the importance to assess against objectives in order to improve further.


We continue to apply and develop a broader range of skills, building on from KS1. With our PE specialists we will continue to access a range of services provided to guide and further develop our PE and Sports provision. Effective communication will be taught, and the importance of teamwork and collaborating with each other. Pupils will play within a competitive environment learning game team-based sports e.g. football, hockey, netball, handball etc. They will also develop flexibility, strength and balance within gymnastics and dance, as well as the development of Fundamental skills such as agility, balance and coordination in a variety of sports. Pupils will have the opportunity to attend after school clubs in a variety of sports.


As a member of the BPSSA (Bedworth Primary Schools Sport Association), we also regularly attend competitive fixtures in sports such as football, rounders, athletics, cricket, cross-country and netball.



We believe that PE provision should provide an inspiring, challenging and positive environment for each participating pupil, which will have a positive impact on a pupil’s health and well-being for life. Our expectation is that all children engage and learn through active participation and that sports must encompass and be delivered in a fun and positive learning environment for all. Our PE Specialist will provide bespoke services to develop and deliver the teaching and learning practices in the PE Curriculum, to promote participation in the curriculum and extra-curricular activities, to create good PE links by working with other schools and good practice guidelines via a mentoring service and CPD opportunities. We believe that pupils will make excellent progress in PE and will have the opportunity for becoming PE and Sports ambassadors. This will enable each pupil at St James to develop their independence, leadership and confidence but they will also develop in terms of their individuality and aspirations for the future