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Religious Education

Religious Education provides pupils with the opportunity to learn about Christianity, the main world religions and other beliefs which gives life value and meaning. It also encourages pupils to consider their own response to serious questions to do with life, death, God, happiness, existence itself and also their views about what is right and wrong. RE aims to help pupils to become citizens of the world who can live in harmony with each other. It is not about telling pupils what religious views they should have but rather assists them in their personal search for meaning. We try to give the children as much experience possible in RE so they can understand other religions as well as Christianity:


Year 3 – In the Autumn Term they make their own creations based on the first book of the Bible, Genesis. They take part in Diwali Day and play the Nativity. In Spring Term they take part in Holy Week and in the Summer Term they take part in a Baptism celebration.


Year 4 – In the Autumn Term they create bracelets for Raksha Bandan, experience a Quaker Worship and create a Buddhist Shrine.


Year 5 – In the Summer Term they take part in a Teddy Wedding as well as have a talk about A Hindu Wedding and try Indian clothing.


Year 6 – In the Autumn Term they take part in Diwali Day and in the year they visit the Cathedral.

Whole school – In the spring term we learn about Shrove Tuesday and it’s importance, we also celebrate as a school with a pancake race on the playground. Each year group will also have the opportunity to find out about different faiths and cultures from around the world. In the summer term we have a bible exhibition hosted by the local congregational church for each year group to attend. We also present the opportunity for the children to learn about the Holy trinity on trinity day.